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Additional Services Available

In addition to our high-quality environmental, lead, asbestos, and indoor air quality and mold services, Brooks Environmental has a number of additional services available.

Underground Storage Tanks (UST)- Locating a UST, Soil boring and testing, Leaking UST closure
            Radon:  Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. It is formed from the radioactive decay of radium and uranium, which occurs naturally in bedrock worldwide.  Brooks had national accreditation to test buildings and schools. Continuous air motoring available as well.
            Formaldehyde Testing - chemical commonly used as a preservative and disinfectant. It is also in glues used to bond, plywood, particleboard, carpets and fabrics, and contributes to " that new car smell."
          Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF)- are waves of energy that surround any electrical device. Power lines, electrical wiring, computers, tv's and anything that uses electricity are sources of EMF. Professional site inspection available.

Ensure Safe Drinking Water

Ensuring water is fully potable is essential to the health and safety of our community. Call Brooks Environmental today to have your water tested for bacteria.

It's important to test your water to see if bacteria are present. If it is, your water is considered "non-potable". If your water is non-potable, you'll be notified immediately, and a retest should be scheduled. If your retest also shows bacteria, you'll need to consult a plumber or another professional to address the issues with your well.

Our full potability testing checks your well water for the presence of total coliforms and E. Coli. We also analyze the following parameters, as compared with Connecticut drinking water guidelines:
  • Physical Parameters (color, odor, pH, and turbidity)
  • Minerals (hardness, chloride, nitrate, nitrite, and sulfate)
  • Metals (copper, iron, manganese, and sodium)
We also analyze the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in your drinking water by EPA method 524.4. If your drinking water analysis is being performed for the purposes of a real estate transaction of the installation of a new well, your local public health department will be notified of the results.

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